MAHA New Zealand (Pty) Ltd became a member of the MAHA Group on the 1st of April 2012, being a continuation of a long-established New Zealand based distributorship. The MAHA presence in New Zealand which goes back more than 30 years.

The company has been instrumental in introducing Roller Brake and Suspension Testing Technology to the Government Testing Authorities, OEM´s, Educational Institutes and the general transport industry including public transport in New Zealand.

MAHA New Zealand has a nationwide sales network and service supply together with Wayne Hundley and his team at WH Projects (Pty) Ltd. Main office in Auckland area with a sales presence and service staff that can support the entire country. The Group headquarters warehouse in Brisbane consists of over 2000m2 of storage space and includes between New Zealand and Australia.

Key to MAHA´s success in New Zealand is our high priority focus on customers’ needs and the willingness to provide quality of service and support one can expect from a German premium-built product.

Additionally, due to the extensive range of spare parts and standard MAHA products in stock, MAHA New Zealand has shorter reaction times and is able to supply urgent spare parts for maintenance and installations of MAHA products.

MAHA is one of worlds’ leading manufacturers of workshop and vehicle inspection equipment. MAHA in New Zealand handle the complete supply chain from manufacture in Germany right through to delivery, installation across the entire service life of our product.

The MAHA New Zealand Team consists of factory trained Sales, Service and Administrational staff.

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