Digital Headlight Tester - MLT3000

Digital headlight tester MLT 3000 Features
  • Digital device for quick and objective testing and adjustment of vehicle headlights, taking into account statutory limits and OEM guidelines
  • Electronic levelling system to compensate for unevenness in the floor at the headlight tester installation site
  • 7″ touch screen for menu navigation and display of measurement values
  • High dynamic range CMOS camera for capturing and digitising the headlight projection
  • Processor-supported unit control incl. flash memory
  • Digital analysis with evaluation of results
  • Optional interface for transmission of measurements to a PC
  • Powerful battery for cable-free long-term use
  • Robust construction, also suitable for test lanes
  • Rotatable mirror for device alignment to vehicle
  • Automatic latching of the light collecting box to the precision aluminium guide column facilitates handling and optimises reproducibility
  • Extremely thin Fresnel lens made from material with optimised refractive index for suppressing blue and red fringing increases measurement accuracy significantly
  • Large Fresnel lens for easy positioning in front of the headlights helps speed up the entire set-up process
  • Anodised heat deflection sheet to prevent overheating as a result of direct sunlight even without use of the device covering hood
  • Pre-configured as standard for use on optional guide rails so that equipment runs in straight line after alignment
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