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Wireless Column Lift

We all know that excess cables crossing the workshop floor can sometimes be disruptive if not dangerous. With a wireless column lift, you can now work more efficiently and safely. MAHA wireless lifts offer an astonishing 7.5-ton lifting capacity per column – more than enough for bus lift, truck lifts and complete range of vehicle types from Semi Trailers to commercial vans, from Coaches to school buses.

Performance and Efficiency

When it comes to lifting power, no other machine dares to compete with MAHA’s heavy-duty wireless column lift. Its up-to-date structure also addresses major space and performance efficiency problems, consequently increasing production and reducing delays.

• Very smooth running due to electro-mechanical ball race drive system
• High efficiency thanks to smooth-running, low-maintenance ball race
• Factory backed 5-year warrantee for entire spindle drive
• Excellent lifting column mechanical rigidity guarantees safety and function under any conditions
• Lifting columns can be moved conveniently and easily thanks to hydraulic dolly at each column
• Precision-height positioning without overrun thanks to high-quality worm gear motor
• Lifting carriages with fixed holder
• Overhead drive unit creates even more space in the work area
• Workshop-robust and splash-proof control unit
• Wear-free and easy-to-use membrane keypad


Dealing with heavy loads like large vehicles can be dangerous. Using a poor-quality lift could potentially cause accidents that result in damaged assets, personal injury, and even loss of lives, so it is imperative to use a car lift that is jam-packed with all possible safety features to prevent any of these from happening. Our wireless column lift boasts of the following safety features.

• Flexible column positioning thanks to the adjustable forks 500–1500mm wheel diameter, guaranteeing suitability across all vehicle categories including agricultural
• User convenience with panel operator controls on each individual column
• High level of flexibility in use due to different operating modes
• Group any individual column operating modes enable quick and easy replacement of wheel and axle suspensions
• Microprocessor control and wireless monitoring of movement synchronisation and all safety functions
• Utmost safety thanks to mechanically independent locking device
• Simple emergency lowering for power failure included as standard

Expandability and Flexibility

Performance and safety are not the only amazing features you can benefit from when you use our wireless column lifts. These machines are also designed to be expandable to meet an array of lifting requirements. Their protective coating also makes them best in class when it comes to durability.

• System can easily be expanded with up to eight columns
• Streamline COLUMNLIFT design aids manoeuvrability specifically in workstations with restricted space
• High-quality powder coating available in a variety of colours

Standard Delivery:

• 4 individual wireless mobile columns with charging system
• Batteries & Charging cables
• 4 hydraulic dollies
• Commission, setup and training package included

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Upgrading your workshop allows you to become more capable of carrying out a greater variety of tasks. Apart from a wireless column lift, you may also need to consider other machines such as a wheel alignment lift, roller dynamometer and a roller brake tester. If you are running a service facility, investing in this equipment can help improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment remain one of the leading providers of vehicle lifts and testers in New Zealand and Australia. Visit our Contact page to learn more about our products and services.




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