MCL 5.5 Ton Column Lifts

VP 451086

Mobile Wheel Engaging Column Lifts up to 5500 kg load capacity per column

  • Very smooth running due to electro-mechanical drive system
  • Excellent lifting column mechanical rigidity guarantees safety
    and function under any conditions
  • Low-wear lock nut
  • Precision-height positioning without overrun thanks to
    high-quality worm gear motor
  • Lifting carriages with fixed holder
  • Overhead drive unit creates even more space in the work area
  • Workshop-robust and splash-proof control unit
  • Wear-free and easy-to-use membrane keypad
  • Flexible column positioning thanks to excess-length
    connection cables, guaranteeing suitability across all vehicle
  • User convenience with panel operator controls on each
    individual column
  • High level of flexibility in use due to different operating modes
  • Group and individual column operating modes enable quick
    and easy replacement of wheel and axle suspensions
  • Microprocessor control and wireless monitoring of movement synchronisation and all safety functions
  • Simple emergency lowering for power failure included as
  • System can easily be expanded with up to eight columns
  • Streamline COLUMNLIFT design aids manoeuvrability
    specifically in workstations with restricted space
  • High-quality powder coating available in a variety of colours


  • 4 individual mobile columns
  • 1 mechanical dolly, repositionable


MAHA MCL 22 5.5T Column Lift

Technical data

load capacity per column 5500 kg
Motor power per column 2,2 kW
Weight per column 400 kg
Full travel 1750 mm
Raising / lowering time 150 s / 150 s
Tyre diameter min. / max. 850 mm / 1250 mm
Power supply 3/N/PE 400 V 50 Hz
Safety class IP 54

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