Setting Up Your Truck Roller Brake Tester For The Best Results

There are many advantages to installing an in-house truck roller brake tester, including increasing workshop productivity. While the investment itself may be a straightforward decision, there are many other aspects to consider, including installation.

The two main location options available to you are across the pit and before the pit. Most modern workshops choose to install their truck roller brake tester before the pit, although across the pit can be a better option in some cases.

Keep reading for some installation tips to ensure the efficiency of your roller brake tester.

Testing Partially Loaded

Here in New Zealand, vehicles need to be tested partially loaded, and we seem to be industry leaders as there are many other countries that are following suit. When it comes to testing partially loaded vehicles, it makes much more sense to install across the pit instead of before it.

This is also where an artificial load system certainly comes in handy. It will add accuracy and safety while also checking the vehicle’s ride height control.

Configuration Considerations

Have you stopped to consider what would be the best configuration for your workshop’s roller brake tester? The first thing you want to do is ensure that there is enough room to strap down the chassis with the load simulator. An ideal configuration would be around 2 metres from across the end of the service pit.
You should also consider the placement of all other workshop equipment when deciding where to place your brake testing system.

Why The Correct Installation Is Important

By properly installing your roller brake testers today, you essentially future-proof your workshop and make brake testing more efficient. You’ll also make maintenance a lot easier for when that needs to be carried out, and above all, you will also create a safe working environment.

Setting Up An Exclusion Zone

While modern roller brake testing systems come with a wide variety of safety features, it is still important that you set up an exclusion zone so that no unauthorised personnel get too close to the testing system when it is in use.

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