5 Must-Have Pieces Of Equipment In Your Workshop

Are you setting up a new workshop? Or are you perhaps looking at expanding your workshop? In order for your workshop to be successful and give your competition a run for their money, you will need to have the right sort of equipment! Here’s some equipment you should consider investing in.

Roller Brake Tester

Your clients should have their brakes tested at least once a year, and if you do not offer this service, they will seek these services from your competitors! While various brake testing systems are available, a car or bus roller brake tester system is superior for many reasons. For one, these brake testing systems offer highly accurate results.

Lifting Equipment

In order to work on the wheels and undercarriages of vehicles, you need these vehicles to be lifted. Top quality lifting equipment is an absolute must in any workshop environment or home garage. There are many different types of lifting equipment, including scissor lifts, mobile column lifts, in-ground lifts and more.

Dyno Machine

While a dyno machine may be a rather costly investment, it will certainly add value to your workshop and invite an entirely new clientele. Dyno tuning services are becoming more and more popular in New Zealand, and you can charge a fair amount for them. This is definitely a piece of equipment worth looking into.

Axle Play Detector

A modern axle play detector will allow you to check most steering and suspension elements quickly and efficiently, allowing you to carry out comprehensive troubleshooting and maintenance.

Digital Headlight Tester

Digital headlight testers help you ensure the correct alignment of headlights so that your clients can see clearly when driving in the dark and not be dazzled by oncoming traffic. This piece of equipment is absolutely essential if you plan to offer headlight fitting services. It is also relatively affordable and compact, so well worth having in your workshop!

Whatever type of workshop equipment you invest in, ensure that it is of top quality and that you follow operation and maintenance instructions to extend the lifespan and prioritise safety.

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