Get close, convenient access with mobile wheel grabbing wireless column lifts

When it comes to large vehicles used in manufacturing, agricultural and industrial settings, maintenance and repair work is more mobile column lifts complicated than when you’re dealing with a standard- sized vehicle’s. You’ll need to hold such a vehicle in place so that you can access it and work on it safely, with maximum visibility. By introducing a wireless mobile wheel grabbing column lift’s to your workshop, dealing with massive vehicles will become a breeze, making your team’s job easier and work go faster in even the narrowest working space.


With an impressive 7500 kg load capacity per column, the wireless Column lift has an expanded adjustment range to deal with most vehicle sizes and wheel diameters, through 4 mobile wireless columns that quickly and easily move thanks to a hydraulic dolly in each one. This can be extended to 8 columns if required, for very larger trucks,transporters and trailer combinations. Although its most popular use is for service and brake work, the fact that it has an overhead drive unit means that mechanics to work on any part of a vehicle’s undercarriage without cumbersome wires or any part of the column lift protruding from the top..


A major concern with any equipment is safety, and the wireless Column lift has more than enough features to put your mind at ease. It features a mechanically independent locking device as well as emergency lowering in case of power failure. Each lifting column has been tested to offer enough mechanical rigidity under any condition, and thanks to microprocessor control and wireless monitoring, all movement, synchronization and safety functions continuously remain under control. With a safety rating of IP54, this wireless Column lift also offers a decent amount of protection against dust and water splashes. Combine this with the internal spindle drive’s 5-year warranty, and you have a machine that has a lifespan to match its safety rating.


As each wireless column has been made flexible through mobile column lifts battery power, there are very few vehicles the wireless Column lift can’t lift. This makes it a worthwhile investment that can be used across the board in even the most restricted space. To find out more if the wireless Column lift would suit your needs, contact the team at MAHA for further advice.

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