Why A Scissor Lift Is Best For Providing Wheel Alignment Services

Every workshop offering vehicle inspections will need to provide a wheel alignment service to its customers.However, there are many types of lifts that can be used for this purpose, including two post, four post column lifts and scissor lifts. Depending on the needs of your business and its working space, one type of lift might be more suitable than another. One of the most popular lifts for wheel alignment purposes is the scissor lift. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a lift for wheel alignment and why a scissor lift meets all of them.

What You Need From A Wheel Alignment Lift

  • Proper wheel alignment machinery requires an appropriate wheelbase and drive on height. This is important to ensure that the vehicles being worked on don’t have ground clearance issues.
  • A quality lift should be able to easily integrate the appropriate alignment instrumentation and systems that will help you measure alignment quickly, accurately and easily.
  • Your lift of choice should be able to carry the mass of the average vehicle that enters your workshop. As a rule, the heavier the lift, the sturdier and more durable it is, making it a long lasting investment.
  • Some lifts work better in limited spaces while others require more space to spread out. Make sure your choice suits the space you have available.
  • If your lift comes with a jack, make sure that your jack of choice (be it direct or hydraulic) has the required lift height and capacity required.

Choosing A Scissor Lift

A scissor lift is well suited for use in wheel alignment services. It takes up less space than other lifts, making it easy to slot into even small workshops. It’s very rigid which means it’s effective in distributing weight even when at its maximum height and carrying a full load. It has great vertical movement abilities and it’s easy to install wheel alignment accessories and supporting systems. Users of the lift state that it’s easy to access and use, which also makes it easy to repair and service.

If you’re interested in exploring your options when it comes to lifting technology and believe that a scissor lift would best meet your needs for providing a wheel alignment service, MAHA Australia can assist you in finding the perfect lift for your budget.

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