Entice New Customers to Your Garage by Investing in a Dyno Machine

Are you a workshop owner looking to entice new customers or perhaps offer your current customers an additional service? Do you already have all of the standard workshop equipment? A solution that you may not have thought of is to invest in a dyno machine!

Dynos were once mainly used for race cars, but they have become increasingly popular with all types of vehicle owners, and even your somewhat average driver may want to invest in the incredible benefits that dyno tuning has to offer, such as increased performance and safety.

What puts most workshop owners off purchasing a dyno is usually the cost. Yes, dyno machines can be expensive, but they are worth the cost. The amount you can charge for dyno tuning services will help you make a return on your investment in no time.

Let’s have a look at some ideas which you could use to generate revenue using your dyno machine:

Dyno Days

A popular marketing tool and event that is used by other dyno owners is ‘dyno data’. These days are usually held on a weekend and allow for car enthusiasts to get together and chat while they enjoy discounted dyno tuning prices for the day. These days seem to be very popular, and it could be something new for your customers to enjoy.

Educate Your Customers

Many of your customers may not be that aware of the benefits that dyno tuning offers them. This is why you must educate yourself on what dyno tuning has to offer so, in turn, you can educate your customers and allow them to make an informed decision.

Dyno Bucks

Why not create an incentive in which each time a customer spends money at your shop, you reward them in dyno bucks, which can be used to get discounted or free dyno tuning services when enough have been collected. This will encourage your customers to spend more and try out the benefits of dyno tuning.

Rent Out Your Dyno

Another way in which you could generate revenue is by renting out your dyno machine to a trusted professional.

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