The MBT 7250 Eurosystem Roller Brake Tester – taking the guesswork out of brake testing

Modern vehicles might be getting more sophisticated with every new model released, but if there’s one thing that stays the same, it’s the critical role that braking has in vehicle safety on the road. The ability of a vehicle to respond instantaneously to a driver braking without sliding, slipping or the wheels locking is essential, as its braking force, ability to decelerate and balance brake force equally between its wheel axles.

To measure the above factors accurately is critical, as it will accurately alert you to any failures or necessary adjustments that need to be made. If you’re an Australian business dealing with vehicle fleets or are in the business of servicing and maintaining them, you should know that the MBT 7250 Eurosystem Roller Brake Tester is best suited for the task of brake testing.


The MBT 7250 Eurosystem Roller Brake Tester allows you to test a vehicle’s brakes, wheel drag and disc warp or drum ovality for differences, deviances and deceleration rate in continuous and real time. With a large sensing roller of 100mm, slip rate and wheel speed is adequately covered and measured. Its ease of use means that generating evaluation reports is a simple affair and with an impressive 18000 kg axle load, it can easily be used for diagnostics in the smallest passenger vehicles right through to larger vehicles such as Semi trailers, road trains or multi combination’s and alsobuses.

The MBT 7250 has many automatic functions in place to make measurement as easy as possible while avoiding damage to the vehicle, no matter under what conditions it’s being tested in. There’s automatic start-up monitoring to prevent accidental tyre damage as well as an automated slip cut off, restart and exiting aid so that the vehicle can safely enter and exit the tester. A MAHA temperature-compensated strain gauge system and splash proof motor mean that even when presented with a wet or dirty tyre, an accurate measurement can be found. Other distinctive design touches include a unique roller surface welding andplastic coating which not only extends roller life significantly.


The German made MBT 7250 offers a high throughput but doesn’t compromise on quality, accuracy and longevity, and its received international recognition has been awarded for its accuracy quality and safety.With the oldest installations in Australia now going back over 28 years and still providing fault free, accurate operation this is why the Australian & New Zealand Customers and Governments are choosing MAHA as the preferred supplier for Brake and suspension testing. With a range of accessories to choose from, you can customise your MBT 7250 Eurosystem Roller Brake Tester test lane to the exact requirements of your business. To get started, contact MAHA today.

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