The Various Components Of An AWD Dyno

AWD dynos are rather complex pieces of workshop equipment, hence their price. They rely on various components working cohesively to provide the services they do in terms of engine optimisation.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a dyno machine or having your vehicle tuned, this article by MAHA NZ will shed some light on the different components of an AWD dyno and their purposes.

Wheel Bases

Different dyo machines will have wheel bases of various sizes to accommodate different types of vehicles. Modern dynos will also have an electric push button for automatic wheel base adjustments. This feature allows the vehicle to be placed accurately on the rolls and experience just the right amount of traction.

Driveshaft Connection

A reliable driveshaft connection is what connects the front rolls to the rear rolls. The purpose of this component is all-wheel drive speed synchronisation, which is very important for the optimisation of any vehicle.


Modern AWD dynos are equipped with mounted differentials that are equipped with torque cells for measuring the torque that is produced at the axles. Any variances are compensated for, and torque is able to be measured in detailed accuracy.

Eddy Current Power Absorbers (Also known as Retarders) 

Attached to the differentials are two eddy-current power absorbers. These power absorbers assist in increasing load capacity, roll speed and airflow.


The rollers of a dynamometer are probably its most recognisable feature. These rollers are textured, much like the texture of a road, to provide optimal traction. They are placed on the tires and are a very important factor in any sort of dyno testing and tuning.


Modern AWD dynos use the latest technology and software to make testing and tuning all the more convenient. Software should be easy to use, and your dyno should come with an LCD screen where all results will be shown.


Sensors make sure that nothing is overheating or out of order. Most dynos will come with a weather station including pressure sensors, temperature sensors, or lambda sensors. While not quite under the ‘sensor’ category, most dynos will also come with an emissions tester.

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