Why You Should Consider Investing in a Test Lane for Your Garage

Are you a garage owner that has yet to invest in a test lane? A test lane can add immense value to your workshop and offer your customers a wide range of comprehensive services for them to enjoy alongside your usual maintenance and repair services. If you haven’t yet invested in a test lane, maybe it is time that you should consider the possibility.

More Services

Depending on the type and model of test lane that you decide to invest in, you could gain the opportunity to offer the following services:

  • Brake testing
  • Emissions analysing
  • Wheel alignment
  • Headlight beam tester
  • And many more!

Productivity and Profitability

Test lanes allow for optimal efficiency. They are easy to easy and therefore could help you experience a drastic increase in productivity. You only need one employee to operate the test lane, so no need to find extra staff to manage this piece of equipment for you. What an increase in productivity means for workshops is an increase in profitability which is what all workshop owners want to see at the end of the day.

You add value to your clients by giving them quick and accurate results.


If your workshop has a test lane, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a good reputation and surely attract new customers. Having a test lane may also put you a step ahead of your competitors if they have yet to invest in one. With the precise and quick results that you give your clients with a test lane, you’ll create customer loyalty and keep them coming back to you.

Our Test Lanes

At MAHA NZ, we specialise in supplying premium workshop equipment, which includes automotive test lanes. Our test lanes have an automated start-up feature, as well as single lane switching and a variety of safety features. They come with the option of a PC monitor display and make use of all the latest cutting-edge technology.

Interested in investing in a test lane? Get in touch with the team at MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment today, and we can start discussing your test lane needs.