Debunking Dyno Myths

As dyno nz experts, we’ve often been met with many different myths about dyno machines and the dyno tuning process. How much do you think you know about dyno machines?

Dyno Tuning Is Only For Sports Cars

While it is true that dyno tuning is very popular with sports cars, being used by professional drivers and sports car enthusiasts alike, this does not mean that dyno tuning is meant exclusively for sports cars. Dyno tuning can be used on any sort of car, including 2 wheel drives, to measure the engine and wheels’ power and optimise it effectively. The only thing that puts off the average car owner from a dyno tuning session is usually the price.

Dyno Machines Are Only Used In The Automotive Industry

If you’re a car enthusiast, you may have only heard of dyno machines being used in the automotive industry, but this is not the case. Dyno machines are actually used in a wide variety of different sectors such as science and manufacturing.

There’s Just One Type Of Dyno For The Automotive Field

This myth (or misunderstanding) could not be more false. Many people who do not know about dynos often assume that there is just one type of dyno and seem to believe that the chassis dyno measures everything. But there are actually two different main types of dynos built specifically for the automotive industry, including engine dynos and chassis dynos.

Dyno Horsepower Results Are Always Wrong

There are two reasons why people are hesitant to believe the horsepower results given by dynos. The first is because they always seem to be higher than what the car manufacturer has stated. This is because manufacturers would rather underpromise and over-deliver than the other way around. The second reason is that dyno machines that are not regularly calibrated can give inaccurate results, but that is why you should always go to a trustworthy garage when getting your dyno tuning done.

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