Factors to Consider When Configuring Your Workshop

A brand new workshop offers you the opportunity to configure your space in the most effective way possible. But with bulky equipment and the need for accessibility of large vehicles, planning out a workshop certainly comes with its challenges. With so many factors to take into consideration, the team at MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment has put together this brief guide to assist you in configuring your new workshop. Keep reading to find out where to put equipment like your mobile column lifts.

Where is the Office/ Front of the House?

Don’t plan your entire layout only to realise that you have forgotten about the office/ front of the house. You need a quiet space where you can consult with clients and handle payments that are somewhat separate from the noisy workshop floor.

Be Clever When it Comes to Plug Points

How many plug points does your space need? How many of your pieces of equipment require power? You don’t have to have extension cords running all over the floor, so consider plug points when placing equipment. If necessary, you may have to install additional plug points.

How Big is Your Equipment

Take accurate measurements of your mobile column lifts, roller brake tester, test lane, and other equipment. Once you have the measurements, you can start choosing where the best places to install the equipment may be.

How Big Are the Vehicles You’re Working On?

Think about the average size of the vehicles that you work on. With the placement of your equipment, is there enough space for the vehicles to maneuver?

Look to Other Workshops for Inspirations

If you’re stuck on where to start with configuring your workshop, you may want to look at other workshop layouts for inspiration and to get ideas. Look at workshops that are of a similar size to yours and that have similar equipment to yours.

Leave Some Space for Growth

It’s always a good idea to leave a little extra space in your workshop for when you may want to grow your workshop and invest in new equipment. This gives you flexibility and versatility. This extra space can also be used as a ‘waiting’ space for vehicles that are waiting to be worked on.

Are you looking to fit out your workshop in New Zealand with top-quality workshop equipment, including dynos, roller brake testers, and mobile column lifts?  Here at MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment, we offer it all! Browse our website to view our comprehensive range of equipment, and feel free to reach out to us should you have questions.