Is it Okay to Buy Second-Hand Truck Lifts?

When you are looking to invest in a truck lift for your workshop, it can definitely be tempting to start looking secondhand because truck lifts are quite expensive items at the end of the day, and most business owners will look for ways to keep costs down.

But what you need to realise is that new lifting equipment has the price point it does for a reason. Lifting trucks have many safety risks involved, and new equipment is safe to use as it has all the relevant safety material, instructions, and support. There is also zero damage to it and no wear or tear.

On the other hand, second-hand lifting equipment will be significantly cheaper, but how safe is it really? The problem comes in with the fact that you can’t really know what exactly this lifting equipment has been through in its lifespan already and if it was well-maintained or not. It may be missing certain components, and its warranty may be up.

If you can find ways to navigate all of those challenges, then maybe buying second hand could be suitable for you, but you should always ensure that:

  • You have the inspection completed on the truck lift before buying
  • Request to have all design registration, manuals, warranties, safety notes, and other documents attached to the truck lift
  • Ask about the maintenance and service plan that the lift received
  • Do research into what you could buy the lift new for
  • Determine why the seller is selling the lift

Be Aware of Very Old Equipment

What you should really be aware of is very old equipment. You want to maintain a certain level of safety and security in your workshop, and old equipment may compromise that. If the equipment does not pass current safety standards and inspections, you should definitely not be using it unless it undergoes modifications and upgrades so that it is compliant with safety standards.

How Can I Ensure Safety?

The only way that you can really ensure safety is by buying new equipment from reputable dealers and following all of the safety instructions. You’ll probably be very happy that you bought new and run into fewer issues with your truck lift in the long run.

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