Should You Buy New or Secondhand Lifting Equipment in NZ?

Do you own a garage or workshop? Or perhaps you’re just looking to buy lifting equipment in NZ for at-home car maintenance and repair projects? Either way…when looking to buy lifting equipment, you have two main options available to you: secondhand or brand new. Here are a few things to consider when making this important decision.


If you are on a limited budget, you’ll most likely be able to find a second-hand piece of lifting equipment that is within your price range. Brand new lifting equipment can often be quite pricey, but the increased cost, of course, comes with the benefit of the equipment being brand new.


Before buying a second-hand piece, it’s vital that you have a look at the wear and tear and determine the lifespan in comparison to something new.


Most new pieces of lifting equipment will come with a warranty that will protect them for a certain time period. Second-hand pieces may no longer be under warranty. Therefore if you experience any issues, it will be your problem to fix.

Reason For Selling

There are few legitimate reasons why someone would sell a second-hand piece of lifting equipment if it were still in perfect condition. So if you do intend on buying second hand make sure that you enquire why the seller is selling exactly. Are they upgrading their equipment? Are they closing their business? Did they not find a use for the equipment. If you suspect that the reason may be because the equipment is somewhat damaged, go with your gut feeling. Also, ensure that you inspect equipment thoroughly before committing to a purchase.


If you can afford it, it is definitely better to opt for new lifting equipment over second-hand. If there are any malfunctions or factory errors, you’ll be able to return it, and you’re far more likely to have a piece of equipment that will last you for many years to come.

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