The Benefits Of Mobile Column Lifts In A Busy Workshop

A lift is an integral part of any workshop as it allows for vehicles to be lifted off the ground so that various maintenance and repair work can be done on them. 

While you have many different types of lifts and hoists available to you, in a busy workshop, mobile column lifts offer many benefits… Especially to those running very busy workshops. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits and why you should consider a mobile column lift.

Save Money & Time On Installation

Certain lifts have intense installation requirements, like having to be bolted to the floor or having to be hooked up to your electrical system. This can require time, money and the need for a technician to help you. But with mobile column lifts, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Mobile column lifts are easy to install temporarily and can be done by one person.

Battery Operated

Some workshop equipment can drain a lot of power, but mobile column lifts are impressively power efficient as they make use of large, rechargeable batteries. This also saves you from having to allow your mobile column lift access to your electrical system.


Mobile column lifts offer workshop owners a lot of flexibility. When mobile column lifts are not in use, you can use the open space for other workshop requirements. The column lifts can easily be moved around should you want to rearrange your workshop, and they can even be used outdoors on sunny days if you have enough outdoor space, allowing for other procedures to take place within your workshop.

Space Saving

Space plays a very important role in busy workshops. If there’s not enough space, you can’t take on more clients, hence why mobile column lifts are such a great choice. As they are not secured to the ground, they can be moved out of the way to make room for other jobs as soon as you’re done with them.

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