The Major Benefits of Owning Your Own Quality Lifting Equipment

Whether you are looking into buying lifting equipment nz for personal hobbies and projects or purchasing lifting equipment to add valuable assets to your business, there are many benefits to owning your own equipment.

Hire Vs Purchase

There is always the option to hire your lifting equipment rather than purchase it outright. Hiring is great for short-term, one-off projects and for cases in which you just don’t have the budget to buy your own. But if you’re looking at lifting equipment for long term use, it is always better to buy your own.

Buying New Vs Buying Second Hand

When it comes to buying your very own lifting equipment in NZ, it is always best to purchase new. Although cheaper, secondhand equipment may be riddled with issues from years of heavy lifting, lack of maintenance and are unlikely to still be in place.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

By investing in quality lifting equipment and taking the time to train all your employees on how to use this equipment, you’ll keep them safe from harm. As you should know, if you have an interest in hoists and lifts, lifting equipment can be hazardous when not used correctly or if you’re making use of dodgy equipment.

Offer Your Clients Additional Services

If you’ve never owned lifting equipment before, owning your own means that you can probably extend your services for your clients, which will bring you more income, and potentially new clients too.

Grow Your Business

Purchasing lifting equipment is a major step for your business, and this purchase is going to help you really grow your business and take it to the next level! Owning your own lifting equipment means that your business has gained a huge asset, and both your clients and your competitors should respect you for it.


If you were previously renting your lifting equipment, owning your own should save you loads of time as it will eliminate the need for you to pick up, do the paperwork, and set up the equipment each time you need to use it.

Rent Out Your Equipment

Now that you own your own equipment, you have the opportunity to profit off of it by renting it out.

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