Why Our Wireless Column Lifts Are One of Our Most Popular Workshop Equipment Products

Here at MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment, we sell a wide variety of different types of equipment. Want to know what one of our absolute best sellers are? It’s our wireless column lifts!

In this article, we will have a look at some of the reasons why the wireless column lift is a popular choice, as well as the value that it could add to your workshop!


Made from strong raw materials and with high-quality powder coating, our wireless column lifts are truly built to last! If strength and durability are what you’re after, you’ve found it.

No Unnecessary Wires

Unnecessary wires on the workshop floor can be disruptive and even dangerous at times! The fact that our column lifts are wireless is a major convenience and advantage to you and your team.

Lifting Capacity

Our wireless column lift offers an impressive 7.5-ton lifting capacity, thus allowing you to work on a wide variety of heavy and light vehicles. This is definitely a very powerful piece of equipment!


We know just how important efficiency is in the running of a workshop. Time is money, after all. Our wireless column lifts offer solutions to various issues in efficiency through the electro-mechanical ball system, which allows for very smooth running and minimal charging or maintenance requirements. The mechanical rigidity of these lifts provides you with safety as well as functionality. Enjoy precision and efficiency.


You should always put your safety first, especially when dealing with heavy loads. Our wireless lifts come with all the modern safety features that you should ever need in a column lift. Our safety features include panel operator controls, a variety of operating modes, microprocessors and automatic synchronisation, as well as various locking devices.


Can only afford to buy 4 columns now but want to expand to 8 columns later down the line? Not a problem! These wireless column lifts can easily be expanded upon so that they fit in with your particular needs.

Are you interested in purchasing one of our wireless column lifts for your workshop? Get in touch with the team at MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment today on 0800 624 269.