3 Pieces of Lifting Equipment That Every Workshop Needs

While every workshop is different, and some may specialise in certain services and require specialised equipment, there are some basic pieces of lifting equipment that every good workshop needs in order to offer a well-rounded service. Lifting equipment allows mechanics to do work on the wheels and the undercarriage of the vehicle, so it is essential that workshops have high-quality lifting equipment to help them complete these tasks.
As lifting equipment NZ experts, this is what we consider to be our top three pieces of equipment for workshops and garages.

Scissor Lifts
An automotive scissor lift is one of the most basic pieces of lifting equipment in a garage and uses a basic hydraulic system to lift your vehicle. These lifts are affordable, easy to set up, and are perfect for light maintenance jobs. On top of that, they don’t take up much space and are relatively easy to maintain. The majority of workshops, no matter what they specialise in, should have at least one scissor lift.

Two Post Lifts
Two post lifts may be a bit less expensive than scissor lifts and take up considerably more space, but they do what a scissor lift cannot. Two post lifts allow you to access the undercarriage of the vehicle so that intricate maintenance and repair work can be performed. These types of lifts are standard in most workshops in NZ and around the world. They come in a wide variety of different types, with some needing ceiling heights of at least 4000mm.

Column Lift
Column lifts make use of an electro-mechanical system that allows this system to lift great weights. These column lifts usually come with four individual columns and allow for mobile operation, but each brand’s column lift system is different. Column lifts are a fast and easy choice for getting vehicles off the ground, although they are probably the priciest item on this list.

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