Plate Brake Tester Vs Roller Brake Tester

When you invest in a brake tester for your workshop, you are saving your clients time and money and you are offering them extra value. This is one way to create loyalty and prevent your clients from swapping over to a workshop with better facilities than you. But there are quite a few different types of roller brake testers out there, so how do you know which one is the right fit for your workshop and your clients?

In this article, we’ll shed some light on two of the most popular roller brake testers: roller brake testers and plate brake testers.

Plate Brake Testers

Plate brake testers are one of the most basic types of brake testing equipment made available in various countries. Since their conception, many other types of brake testers have exceeded their popularity.

Earlier plate brake tester models had sliding plates on basic sensors, but modern models now contain an electronic force sensor. Modern plate brake testers also have screens showing the brake test results, making them very easy to use!

While various were criticised for producing inconsistent results, modern systems are known for being super fast, easy to use, safe and affordable. They are also relatively small in size, so they do not take up too much space on your workshop floor.

Roller Brake Testers

Roller brake testers are a more common sight in workshops around the world! They are THE most popular type of system in the vehicle repair and maintenance industry. So why are these systems so popular? Roller brake testers produce extremely consistent results, and many different factors can be tested, such as the drag of the tyre on the roller, also known brake rubbing or wheel bearing failure. The Roller brake tester can also measure DTV – Disc thickness variation, also known as rotor warp or ovality in brake drums. These factors cannot be measured using other brake testers such as plates and decelerometers.

These systems are very simple, safe and easy to use.

If it was up to us, we’d always advise roller brake testers, but different strokes for different folks. Do your research and decide what is best for you!

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